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2024 Lift Foil Mast M2

by Lift


The M2 Series masts feature the stiffest high-modulus carbon fiber we can get our hands on, with the same ultra-efficient mast profile featured in our Classic Series. Simply put, it’s the stiffest mast we’ve ever produced, all without sacrificing efficiency. If you want the highest performance mast possible, look no further.

  • The 28” mast is the standard length in performance foiling. Versatile, responsive, and maneuverable, this mast keeps the wings higher in the water, locking you into the surface energy for surfing and pumping.
  • The 32” mast is the perfect choice when the surf gets a little bigger and faster. The increased height provides more room for error and enables you to bank tight turns without the wing tips breaching the surface.
  • The 36" mast is our longest. It’s ideal for towing into larger surf or riding behind a kite, and strikes the perfect balance between maximum ride height and performance.
Package Includes:
  • Mast
  • Hardware
  • Protective Cover