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2024 Aluminum Masts

by Naish


The Naish alloy mast has been precision-engineered to feature an updated version of the 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum extrusion that is significantly more robust than its predecessor, with only a slight increase in weight achieved through a result of a new sectional structure that places thicker walls around key buckling points while still holding its original exterior measurements and streamlined profile. Additionally, the mast has been further reinforced with a bonded and screwed board mount composed of two M8 screws and hex bolt for maximum durability. Fastening this mast to the fuselage is done by means of two M8 screws and a molded fuselage connector which also helps protect against corrosion. Included with the setup is a Torx T30 driver which can be used to securely tighten all screw connections.


Foam core, aluminum mast extrusion 

Tripple bridge stringer 

Screwed and glued mast to board connection 

Screwed and glued mast to fuselage connection