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2024 Gecko

by Naish
Sold out


The Gecko is a dedicated strapless quad fin design with a focus on choppy water riding. With its unique bullet nose design and straight rails, riders can expect explosive pop off the water and excellent carving capabilities, even in poor wind conditions. Its bamboo laminate and 3 mm PVC stance area reinforcement provides durability to withstand hard landings. Whether you prefer flatwater riding, small waves or wind chop, the Gecko is a great choice for strapless freestyle and ripping in the waves. This year’s refined outline combined with a bullet nose creates a true hybrid between strapless freestyle and surf style riding for an unparalleled experience no matter the conditions.


NEW - Outline 
Bullet nose and squash tail to give explosive pop off the water and excellent carving capabilities. 

NEW - Groove Lock Traction  
The 3 piece traction pad provides the optimal level of traction without compromising foot positioning. 

NEW - Extra Glass Rail Band 
Constructed with an additional rail band of 4 oz S-glass to prevent rail cracks even when stomping big airs. 

Wide Nose and Tail
The wide nose and tail design reinforce control for strapless airs.

Parallel Rails & Quad Fin Setup
Parallel rails and a quad fin setup magnify control and tracking for strapless riders.

Vee Nose Bottom Shaping
The vee nose bottom shape compliments the rail and fin setup for smooth riding in choppy conditions.

Arch Traction
The arch traction pad adds grip and comfort to your session.