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2024 Go-To

by Naish
Sold out


The Go-To is the ultimate board for any kite surfer in any condition, perfect for those who are looking to be prepared for anything. The wide squash tail and fuller outline gives you plenty of stability and forgiveness, allowing you to carve up the waves with ease. Featuring a double bamboo sandwich deck and targeted reinforcement, this board is designed to provide maximum durability and strength so you don’t have to worry about pressure dents or other damage. Whether you’re riding strapped or strapless, the wider surf style outline of the Go-To makes turning effortless no matter what wave or wind condition comes your way. So if you’re looking for a reliable board that will get you through any kind of surfing experience, the Go-to is definitely your go-to!


NEW - Rail Profile
Reduced foam in rails makes it easier to surf hard, rolling rail to rail through turns 

NEW - Groove Lock Traction  
The 3 piece traction pad provides the optimal level of traction without compromising foot positioning. 

NEW - Extra Glass Rail Band 
Constructed with an additional rail band of 4 oz S-glass to prevent rail cracks even when stomping big airs. 

Improved Tail Rail
A thinned-out & squared-off tail rail makes for superior control and grip while carving.

Deep Single Concave Bottom
A deep single concave bottom adds speed and drive for superior riding.

Thruster Fin Setup
A three-fin setup to enhance control of snappy releases off the top.

Strategic Rail Flow
Strategically designed to turn with ease and flow, the rail design supports riding and carving. 

Arch Traction
The arch traction pad adds grip and comfort to your session.