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2024 Wind/Wing HA 914 Front Wing

by Naish


The Wind/Wing HA 914 has a unique outline and foil section compared to other foils in the Naish range; its foil section is thinner than any other wing, allowing it to achieve high speeds with relatively low lift for a wing of its size. The slightly higher take-off speed required means that once up and flying this wing will hold its own in any wing foil racing or windsurfing activity. With exceptional upwind performance and an unprecedented top speed, the Wind/WingHA 914 has been designed for the ultimate powered-up wing and windsurf-foiling experience.


100% Prepreg 3K Carbon Outer Layer Satin Finish
Durable and lightweight construction.

Dual Expansion Core Construction 
Molded lightweight layup utilizing UD Carbon and Glass Laminate.  

Scarf Joint Connection to Fuselage 
Proven and compatible with earlier Naish fuselage models.