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2024 Orbit

by Naish


The Orbit has been designed specifically for light wind days, maximizing your fun on the water in marginal conditions. With an asymmetric double concave bottom and offset channels, this board provides stable performance and efficient gliding even in the lightest breeze. Not only is this board a light wind machine but it is also perfect for new kiters looking for a stable platform to learn and progress with. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate light wind twin tip or a perfect board for learning, the Orbit has you covered.


Asymmetrical Shape and Stance
Gets the riders stance to the edge of the board for upwind performance,

Framework deck
Optimizes rigidity in key areas while minimizing overall board weight

Light Wind Rocker
Flat rocker allow for smoother riding and carving, with an improved release

5.0 cm IXEF Fins
An ultra-high 5.0 cm glass ratio means better grip and upwind performance for your twin tip.

Rounded Corners
For a smooth ride through chop and smooth turns.