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2024 Kevlar Wave

by Naish
Sold out


Our highly durable and light weight monocoque paddle with the perfect flex for surfing.The shaft blade combo provides a slightly softer flex pattern combined with high durability needed in surf conditions. With UD carbon and Kevlar featured through the shaft, combined with the 3K carbon blade this paddle provides the flex needed for enhanced balance and quick transitions alongside heightened durability and impact resistance. Designed to take a beating, the Kevlar wave offers the ultimate balance between strength, durability and performance. Includes blade cover.


Biax Glass/UD Carbon and Kevlar Pre-Preg Lamination
Ensures a very durable and lightweight paddle. 

Lightweight UD Carbon Glass Shaft with Bamboo Veneer Impact Layer
The lightweight UD carbon glass shaft with bamboo veneer impact layer creates a durable and lightweight paddle, perfect for surfing. 

Carbon Filament Winding
Provides a combo of pre-preg construction with additional filament winding carbon reinforcement for a durable and lightweight paddle. 

High-Gloss Finish with Traction Grip in Lower Hand Area
Glossy finished shaft with a traction grip to prevent your lower hand from slipping.

Ergo T-Handle with Traction Grip
The ergo t-handle with traction grip provides a grip that is specifically designed to fit the shape of your hand. 

Pressure Cleat Seamless Length Adjustment
The length of the paddle can be adjusted seamlessly allowing you to choose the length you decide on the go. The vario handle will always be in perfect alignment with the anti-twist system.