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F-One Monobloc Tail Carving

by F-one




  • Aspect ratio: 6.8
  • Maneuverability, speed, fast pumping and a looser, more snappy feeling
  • Monobloc construction for better stiffness and reduced turbulences

With a thin profile and higher aspect ratio, this Carving range is the way to go if you need speed and maneuverability. Using the Monobloc Tails will provide a looser, more snappy feeling, as well as a faster pumping pace.

The monobloc construction improves stiffness and reduces turbulence by eliminating connections and providing a more streamlined design. This premium connection will make any foil more playful, more stable, and faster. The monobloc also removes two screws; you’ll be on the water faster!

The High Modulus Carbon fiber layup used for these Monobloc Tails leads to even more rigidity and dependability that will propel you to incredible performances in each session.

Available in XS 140 cm² / XS 160 cm² / XXXS 160 cm²/ XXXS 180 cm²/ XXXS 200 cm²/ XXS 200 cm²