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2023 Lift Classic Mast

by Lift
Lift Foil Mast

Our high aspect wing lineup hit the market in 2020 with truly unprecedented success--we’ve never gotten so much positive feedback from so many foil riders of all kinds - surf, sail, wake, eFoil, the Lift high aspect lineup has made its mark.

If you are looking for the best efficiency of any wing on the market with Lift’s signature speed and maneuverability, look no further.

2023s high aspect wings have undergone a few tweaks in the construction for ultimate responsiveness, and we’ve added in a smaller size to broaden the lineup.

These wings are ultra-tuned for performance; entry level riders are encouraged to start with the surf lineup.

24" (61cm)
  • Best size for learning to Foil
  • Shallow water riding
28" (71cm)
  • The standard in the performance foiling market, and very versatile
  • More responsive and maneuverable
  • Keeps your wings higher in the water, leaving energy for surfing and pumping
32" (81.28cm)
  • Perfect for when the surf gets a little bigger and faster
  • More room for error
  • Bank tight turns without your wing tips breaching the surface
  • Pairs really well with our high aspect wing
36" (91.4cm)
  • Our longest mast size
  • Great for towing into larger surf or riding behind a kite
  • If you want the maximum ride height, while still maintaining performance, this is your mast
Package Includes
  • Mast
  • Mast Cover
  • Track Hardware and Tool
  • Front and Back Wings Sold Separately